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Recently, Styberg received a telephone call asking if we knew how to connect an engine to an automatic transmission.

We said yes.

Through several additional conversations, Styberg was able to determine what the customer really needed. After several (Styberg) design modifications, our new customer agreed to proceed. Within months we supplied sample Mockups, and now after two years Styberg is in full production.

You may be thinking this was a simple one-piece component. Ultimately this became a full assembly with a hub, formed flexplate, timing ring, and ring gear all welded together and balanced.

What Styberg did:

   1. Listened to the customer
   2. Designed each component as we saw what was needed to work
   3. Reviewed design opportunities after our customer had questions
   4. Re-designed all areas that were potential issues (clearances, strengths etc.)
   5. Put the whole assembly together to make sure all of the pieces fit correctly
   6. Made prototypes at each stage of the process
   7. Toleranced the drawing for the customer
   8. Agreed to a final assembly design
   9. Made production tooling in-house
   10. Made first run samples
   11. Now producing production parts

This was all done as a service to our customer. This could be your organization’s project that needs completion.

Change of Materials and Processes

Styberg was approached by one of its customers inquiring how they can make a family of parts less expensive. We visited the customer and reviewed what they were doing with several components in that one line of products.

After some investigation into the materials and processing, Styberg suggested using a high carbon hard rolled material in place of a heat treated material. Styberg then developed a process to spot-weld components of different carbon ranges with compounding thickness differences to not only meet but surpass the customer’s requirements.

Styberg has now supplied well over 5,000,000 pieces without a rejection. This satisfying solution emphasizes our commitment to quality and service. We were informed that after the first year, Styberg saved this customer $1,000,000.

Complex Design & Strength Improvement

Because Styberg has a wide range of process equipment, design processes that can form/blank/machine/weld difficult shapes with less production operations result. A heavy duty mounting bracket was a 3 piece-welded design which needed greater strength in critical areas. Redesigning to a one piece construction from coil steel resulted in fewer manufacturing operations and the increased strength of a single-piece component.

Mechanical Components

An existing tank wheel needed lighter weight but higher tensile strength. The life of the wheel depended on the mechanical design and mechanical strength. Tapping on engineering expertise and tooling knowledge of ferrous and some non-ferrous materials, a design was developed using a formed material in different patterns to allow for the use of thinner materials (reducing weight by 10 pounds) and increasing the tensile strength by 100%.

Weight Reduction

Redesigned a cast splined part to reduce weight and production costs and still hold all the spline dimensions. Produced the part from coil stock and utilizing the Grob process reduced the weight from a 32 pound splined casting to a processed piece weighing 12 pounds while holding all the spline dimensions resulting in a lighter product with lower production cost.

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