Fork Trucks

The fork truck business has its own factors that must be dealt with; conditions such as consistent abuse of components, rust (outside exposure), smaller designed parts (smaller type vehicles) and more, Styberg has to keep these issues in mind so the metal component fits the final application.

For this reason, one material that is used quite often is Cor-Ten steel alloy for its higher strength and weathering property. The steel is allowed to rust in order to form a protective coating. The material strength remains even with the change of color. This makes for a perfect fit in weathered elements.

Other parts must be smaller in design than for trucks but tough as they are exposed to constant stopping and going. With this knowledge, Styberg can assist in designing smaller parts for greater loads:
• Flexplates
• Ring gear and pinion assemblies
• Clutch plates
• Backing plates
• Spline plates
• Coined plates