Fork Trucks

Metal Component Manufacturing for the Fork Truck Industry

E.C. Styberg is a leading manufacturer of specialized heavy duty fork truck components. We know that components in this industry need to be built to withstand the constant abuses of stress and weathering, including rusting. Parts must also be designed to fit the size of the application, sometimes resulting in small, difficult to manufacture components. Styberg is an expert on designing and producing small parts that are just as tough as their larger counterparts. We use Cor-Ten steel alloy often for these applications – its high strength and weathering resistance is guaranteed to get the job done.

The Styberg solution is an all-in-one solution – we oversee the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end without having to include subcontractors from outside sources. We work with custom designs and machining processes during production. This allows us to maintain complete control over end-product quality and delivery time for all our custom metal fabrication projects.

E.C. Styberg manufactures a wide variety of fork truck components including:

We are industry experts in fork truck manufacturing processes including:

E.C. Styberg Engineering delivers the highest quality metal components with unparalleled customer service. We are always striving to bring greater efficiency in producing quality custom metal components. Contact us or request a quote to experience the reliability, quality, and flexibility our customers have come to expect.