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Since 1927, E.C. Styberg Engineering has been a mainstay company in Racine, Wisconsin as a contract manufacturer of medium to heavy gauge metal components. The company started in a garage with two tool makers and has grown over the years to a 175,000 sq ft facility with 150 employees.

Today, Styberg produces simple to complex metal parts, assemblies and prototypes.

E.C. Styberg Engineering Co. does offer concurrent engineering. Working with the customer, the engineers may be able to see where a different material or process could improve the strength, finish or performance of the part, saving time and/or cost. Perhaps the collaboration would solve a challenging design requirement, but, the customer always has the final say for part design.

Presently, but not limited to, Styberg parts are used for transmissions, brakes, or engines (jet or diesel) for trucks, tractors, construction equipment, military tanks, and aircraft engines. Because the parts are used in the critical internal assemblies of the products, it is particularly important that each part meet all the customers’ dimensions and specifications.

Quality is not only in the product Styberg produces but in the service Styberg provides.

Stybergs’ facility includes a wide range of processes – metal working equipment, including heavy metal stamping, heat-treating , precision machining, welding, grinding and deburring with the quality department assuring compliance to all the requirements. This in-house concept saves time and money for customers and allows flexibility in production and variety in parts E.C. Styberg Engineering can produce.

Our Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

ISO/TS 16949:2016

Aerospace Quality Systems audit 175741 certificate

Nadcap Certificate WLD 176788

NADCAP AC7004 AS 2010


NADCAP Welding

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E.C. Styberg is a metal fabrication company serving clients internationally

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