Boring—CNC 4 Axis, Up to 20″

Broaching—Internal up to 6″, External up to 14″

Deep Draw Metal Stampings to 10″

Drilling—CNC, single & multiple spindle

Finishing Deburring—Vibratory Milling, Belt/Brush

Grinding—Blanchard-Surface 42″ to 84″ diameter tables, CNC Double Disc 30″

Cold forming of Spline on Clutch Housings—120 mm-340mm dia., up to 10mm thick material

Heat Treating—Oil Quench Temper & Stress, up to 24″ diameter

Hobbing—splines up to 36″ diameter

Laser Etch Marking

Vertical Machining—CNC up to 60″ long, 52 tools


Sanding—belt & brush, 36″ wide capacity


Shaping—spline teeth, external teeth, external up to 36″ OD, internal up to 26″ ID

Shearing—conventional & contour

Stamping—Presses to 1,000 tons up to 60″ bed, coil feeding pu to 0.750″ thick x 24″ wide

Straightening—0.030″ to 0.750″ thick x 48″ wide up to 40 R/C hardness


Turning—CNC to 22″ diameter

Welding—laser welding, NADCAP Certified, TIG & MIG, resistance-spot



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