About Styberg Engineering

E.C. Styberg Engineering Company has been a unique contract manufacturer of metal parts, assemblies and prototypes for a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1927.

Reasonable Prices, Good Quality, and Reliable Service

These are the most important reasons for customers to contract with E.C. Styberg Engineering. These are the criteria that we are judged on, and how we are compared to our competitors.

Leading Contract Manufacturer

We maintain a list of qualifications that can be used for all customers. This allows Styberg to produce whatever a customer needs to have manufactured. While there are many companies in competition with us, we feel our qualifications and products give Styberg an edge over other competitors.

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Styberg Engineering?

E.C. Styberg Engineering delivers the highest quality with a healthy dose of service. With a complete line of metalworking machines and processes, Styberg can produce difficult components that require many diverse process operations. We provide out clients with a variety of benefits including:

  • All services performed under one roof
  • Complex designs to reduce operations
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Cost Reduction through process
  • Customer service
  • Pre-production prototyping
  • Equipment and facilities

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